Snippet Designer 1.1 Released

I just released Snippet Designer 1.1.  This is not a major release but just some bug fixes and often requested changes to make the snippet designer more useful.


Some of the most notable changes are:

  1. Languages Service are turned OFF by default now.  Since I was unable to figure out a way to host the C# and VB language services in the snippet editor without causing fake errors in projects I decided to give the users an option to turn them on or off.  If you are ok with the fake error you can turn this back on but since it really annoyed me I have it off.  I plan in a future release to provide some basic color coding outside of the language service so you can at least have color coded code.
  2. Many more aspects of the plug in are now configurable through the options menu under Snippet Designer.  you can now set the location of the snippet index, set preferences for which snippet languages you would like to appear in the snippet explorer.
  3. Several bug fixes to how the highlighting of replacements works and performance improvements with it also.


Hopefully these changes will make it much more useful so please download it and try it out here



The future…

My plans for the future are still up in the air but some of the things I would like to add are:

  1. More bug fixes and more feature enhancements suggested by many helpful users on the Snippet Designer Codeplex page.
  2. Ability to color code snippets without using the language service.  I have a few options here I have been looking at.
  3. Create a website to host snippets and allow you to consume and publish from Visual Studio to this website.

I don’t know how much time I will have to commit to any of these but hopefully I will be able to get more work done on this.