Things I have learnt about Seattle...

At the beginning of August I moved out to Seattle from New York and since then I have learned some things about this city:

  1. People in Seattle dislike Starbucks but are inexorably drawn to constantly go there.   Everyone complains how Starbucks sold out and how there is better coffee at other local Seattle coffee shops but they all still go to Starbucks religiously.
  2. Traffic in Seattle is worse than all of New York city EXCEPT for Manhattan.   Traffic here is pretty bad (520? 405?) and beats in my opinion the four other boroughs of New York in severity but nothing compares to the parking lot that is Manhattan.
  3. Homeless in Seattle get up very early and stay out very late.   Anyone who travels in Seattle will notice the flocks of homeless people.  I feel bad for them but I must appreciate the long hours they work.  I have seen the same person at 6:30am and at 9pm in one day.
  4. The Seattle bus drivers are the nicest people in the world.   Maybe I am biased coming from New York where most of the bus drivers would ignore you if you did talk to them but the bus drivers in Seattle are extremely nice.  They will help you with anything and seem genuinely concerned that get to where you are going.  I had a bus driver ask everyone if they were sure that they didn't want to get off at a certain stop.  That shocked me.  A bus driving making sure no one forget to see if this was there stop.

That is all for now.  I will add more as I learn them.