UK gets it’s first 3 Certified Architects …

With more on the way!

Congratulations to Matt Starkie, Wayne Filin-Matthews and Yuri Misnik on becoming the UK's first IASA Certified IT Architect Professionals (CITA-P).

On the experience Matt said , "It was indeed very challenging and nerve wracking preparing for a certification board that consisted of architecture peers from around the globe" but on the experience of being newly qualified he said "the subsequent sense of satisfaction and achievement felt having my knowledge, skills and experience successfully assessed is quite mind blowing.".

Wayne echoed this sentiment by saying “The certification is something the architectural community has been missing for a long time, not only has it helped me understand areas I needed to improve, but to be recognised by my peers really is rewarding.”

More architects are set to follow in their footsteps which will put the UK in a strong position to deliver certification across the community.

For more information on foundation training and certification boards planned for the UK go to