Windows Home Server, Day 8

No, you're not missing any posts. I've jumped from Day 4 to Day 8.

Last night WHS box passed the "Yep, still looking good" test, and got promoted to the dark closet beneath my stairway. No keyboard, mouse or monitor anymore. Just the AC cord and an ethernet cable. Don't cry because it's lonely though. It has company: The Media Center box that previously had the closet all to itself.

Later I used Remote Desktop connection to log into the server, and poke around. All looked good, and it was only using about 309 MB of committed memory. With indexing enabled, it does use a bit more, and I'll probably break down and buy another 512 MB of memory to keep it happy. I'll also likely need another UPS if I want power monitoring. If only there was some way to have one UPS communicate via USB cable with multiple machines...

Of my terabyte of storage, I've still got about 650 GB free. I have all my photos and music using "duplication", but my 33 ripped DVDs are in a non-duplicated folder.

Over the weekend, I also pointed the Media Center "DVD" path to point at the Videos folder. My wife was genuinely impressed to see all the random DVDs we've collected show up on Media center.

I've also changed the kitchen laptop to never suspend. Instead, the screen saver displays random photos from the "Photos" folder on the WHS box. It's a great way to be reminded of past memories without having to manually browse your photo collection. It's also an easy way to make sure your server is still kicking. :-)