Windows Home Server, Day II

Maybe it's just because my new box is setting next to me on the desk, but it's pretty loud. I suspect it's all the case fans. I would just pull the plug on some of the fans, but the temperature on the box slowly creeps up over time.

Based on data from the AMD CPU app, my current theory is that the CPU is running at full power all the time, despite having installed the Cool'n'Quiet driver. A little digging revealed that I need to set my power profile to "Minimal Power Management". Unfortunately, that one setting isn't showing up in my profile list. I'm going to let this slide until I install the next build of the OS.

Anyhow... Last night's task was to install the two 500GB drives. Only after getting them mounted did I realized I'd forgotten to pull the jumper which enables 3GB SATA 2 mode. With that fixed, the remaining task was to snake all the appropriate power and SATA cables to the right location. External USB storage would be a lot simpler, but doesn't have the same tech geek factor. :-)

The system booted normally. In the server console app, the two new drives appeared. I simply gave the OK to use them, and seconds laterĀ it was done. 1.06 TB of storage!

Next steps: Installing the client software on the other machines in my house.