Change the troubleshooting experience to meet your needs

If you use any of the inbox diagnostics on Windows 7 you'll notice that they're designed to find and fix a series of problems, but if you look at the maintenance diagnostic you'll see it sets a slightly different tone.  Rather than address traditional "problems" it takes care of some common maintenance tasks, which doesn't fit with most of the messaging in the UI.  By default, the final messaging assumes that you're addressing a break/fix problem and will show the customer text like this.

"The troubleshooter made some changes to your system.  Try attempting the task you were trying to do before."

If you're building a diagnostic that is more like the maintenance troubleshooter that's task-driven rather than problem-driven and would like to change the messaging, you can.  Add the <Maintenance/> extension point to your troubleshooting pack and the messaging will become a bit more generic.  Here's a comparison of the two options.  Take a look at the maintenance package in %windir%\diagnostics\scheduled\maintenance\DiagPackage.diagpkg for a complete example.