All that is Data Protection Manager (DPM) and more!!!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up on a new resource where you can to learn more about Data Protection Manager (DPM).  Jason Buffington a good friend of mine and XBOX live partner in crime has started a blog here:

Jason's World 

He also has a great introductory post on DPM 2007 here: DPM 2007 is on the horizon 

Jason is a Senior Technical Product Manager for the Windows Storage Solutions & Data Protection Manager (DPM) product groups.  Overall he is a data backup and recovery guru and he knows a ton about those technologies, he has been in that area of the industry for more than 15 years!  In short when it comes to DPM Jason is the man!

If the name sounds familiar, I have done some work with Jason in the past.  I have interviewed Jason about DPM on TechNet Radio and he even popped on a DPM webcast and briefly discussed DPM v2.  

I encourage you to check out Jason's blog and welcome him to the blog world.