Believe --- Halo 3 John-117 Monument

halo3_diorama_0740The other day I posted a quick entry about the new tease trailer museum, with a link to a new Halo 3 video, that also had a promise to come back today (September 14th, 2007) and they would have more content.  So being the ever diligent Master Chief wanna be I went back and visited the site today.  All I have to say is:




The team went all out in delivering some simply amazing content!  They have another video called Diorama that highlights the overall diorama and it comes in 90 - 15 second varieties.  In addition to that video they have a making of video, but it is not what you would think.

What was even more impressive is that there is also a link to take a interactive tutorial of the monument, with a truck load of more content, you can even take screen shots, like the one on this post.

There are also some great pictures of the diorama here: 

Pictures of the Halo Diorama 

Overall some great content, so take some time and you can find it all here: