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Good evening all my listeners.  :-)

Huh, what did I say, listeners, shouldn't I have said readers?  Not in this case my friends.  In January, I decided to take a page out of the Michael Murphy TechNet Radio playbook and helped out on some TechNet Radio interviews.  I interviewed two exciting folks, Arpan Shah Group Product Manager from the SharePoint product group and Jason Buffington from the Data Protection Manager product group.

Interview 1: SharePoint Server 2007:

Arpan was fantastic to speak with and I have worked with him for my article on Enterprise Search.  We talked about new solutions and deployment technologies with Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007.  This was a fun interview. 

Take a listen: Arpan Shah and SharePoint Server 2007

I would also highly recommend Arphan's blog here: 

Interview 2: Data Protection Manager v2:

Jason and I first met at TechEd in Boston last year.  Even though we both work in TX, we had to connect via TechEd.  Jason has forgotten more about DPM then I will ever know, he and I chatted about DPM and DPM v2.  It was great to hear how DPM will handle Exchange and SQL 2005.  Jason also helped me out on a webcast and talked briefly about DPMv2 here: Painless Data Protection WebCast 10-18-2006 

Take a listen: Jason Buffington and Data Protection Manager v2

Jason also did a very good webcast on DPMv2: 

So what do you think, do I have a career in Radio?   :-) Comment and let me know what you think.