Cloud on Your Terms Part 16 of 30: Where should the DC go?

imageIn todays post, and for the next 4 posts we are going to share with you our experiences in building out our local datacenter in California.  Kevin does a great job of writing up a post on where to put the DC.  It all boils down with a little bit of planning, and know how you are going to handle a virtual DC with physical hosts.

Check out Kevin’s post here: The Cloud on Your Terms Part 16 of 30: Where Should the DC Go?

As I mentioned in part 1 we are going to be posting the series across 4 blogs: Brian Lewis, John Weston, Kevin Remde and myself. Let us know what you think of the posts and if you think of topic let us know!

If you happen to miss a part and want to get caught up. You can find all the parts of the series here: The Cloud on Your Terms: 30 Days about the Cloud