Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud - Step-by-Step: Building Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks (Part 14)

In today’s part of the series I take you on a quick tour of one of the key building blocks in any successful hybrid cloud environment, and that is Virtual Networks.  Now instead of writing about how to create these key features I thought I would should show you, how virtual networks provide hybrid happiness for you and your infrastructure.  Check the following screencast out:

To learn more about Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks take a look here:
Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Overview

Also if you want to learn more about using PowerShell to provision the virtual networks take a look at my friend Keith’s post here:
Scripts-to-Tools- Auto-provisioning Azure Virtual Networks with PowerShell and XML

I briefly touched on setting reserved address's in Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks, my friend John Savill did a great video here:

You can read his step-by-step guidance here: Set Azure VM Static IP Address

I hoped you enjoyed this post and please check out the full series here: