Register Now: John Savill’s upcoming Master Class Certified training session in Dallas on 7/8/2013

imageI just found out about this and had to pass it on! John and I have been colleagues for years and I am certain that this will be an incredible training.  This intensive one week event is designed to give attendees the skills required to architect, deploy and manage a Microsoft centric environment.  By the end of the event you will understand all the capabilities available, how they work best together and be able to take your environments to new levels of functionality.  While there is a cost to the training, I think it was well worth it!  You can learn more and register  here:

Master Class Certified training session in Dallas on 7/8/2013 

Here is an overview of the class:

Many administrators today understand a single technology but don't know how this technology benefits other aspects of IT or how it fits in the bigger picture.

  • What is the best way to achieve high availability for your environment?
  • How can you help with the organizations regulator compliance needs?
  • Do you need cloud services?
    How can security be maximized while enabling users to work in new ways including BYOD?
  • What's the right way to architect my Active Directory?

All these questions and much more are covered in the one week, intensive John Savill Master Class. You will learn HOW technologies work and through this understanding be able to apply them to many different scenarios and bring a well-rounded expertise to any environment.  Go to to find out more where you can download a one-page information sheet and register now.

John Savill is considered one of the top Microsoft technology experts in the world and this exclusive, prestige event gives you 5 full days with John gaining direct knowledge transfer from the trainer of the trainers. Here’s some of the highlights on John in case you don’t already know him:

  • Industry recognized subject matter expert in Microsoft technologies
  • Windows IT Pro magazine senior contributing editor
  • Creator or
  • Author of Microsoft Virtualization Secrets, The Complete Guide to Windows Server 2008 and is a frequent writer for Windows IT Pro magazine and other major publications such as TechNet Magazine
  • 11 years as an MVP in Microsoft technologies including Group Policy and Clustering
  • John is a regular public speaker at events including TechEd and MMS