TechNet Radio: An Interview with Mark Russinovich on Windows Azure & Security

You're not going to want to miss this exciting episode where I had a chance to speak with Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow for Windows Azure.  As many of you know this is the guy who literally wrote the book on cyber security.  Tune in as we talk about  security in Windows Azure and what you can do to keep your data safe in the cloud.  

BREAKING NEWS: Be sure not to miss Mark's exciting announcement at the end of the interview!  

  • [2:22] What’s going on in the security industry Landscape, what’s new and what’s changed and why?
  • [6:53] What can we do in Azure IaaS to protect customers who improperly secure their servers with poor passwords and general bad security practices?
  • [9:19] What mechanisms does Microsoft have in place in Azure to keep someone from leveraging large numbers of Azure VMs or roles to launch a DDOS?
  • [11:23] How do we prevent attacks from tools like TSgrinder that try to use brute force access to a Remote Desktop?
  • [14:49] What can we do to enable customers in Azure who need to have their data remain inside a countries borders?
  • [16:30] Who do I call if I suspect that someone is taking advantage of or hacking into my Azure based VMs? 
  • [20:11] Is there a way for a customer to perform their own penetration testing on our Azure platform, or what method would you recommend for customers to test?
  • [28:39] What’s next for you?


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