Top Local Apps: The Bible YouVersion App

I enjoy reading the Bible and I try to read it daily.  When I am home I use the Life Application study bible, and it is a great Bible that has helped me tremendously!  The only small downside is the Bible is fairly large and when I am traveling I do not always have room in my bag. 

I know there are tons of Bible apps, and I tried several.  The Bible app by YouVerison is, to me this was simply the easiest and best.  It made it easy to see multiple translations which really helped my learning and multiple languages.  Here are just some of the translations:

  • NIV
  • ESV
  • NLT
  • NKJV
  • AMP
  • NASB
  • CEV
  • NET
  • WEB
  • NCV
  • TNIV
  • HCSB
  • The Message


For me this is simply a great app and very easy to take with me on the road.  So if your looking for a good “traveling” Bible download it.

Download the app here:  Bible the YouVersion 

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