Top Local Apps: Two Fun Games to Flag for Your Weekend Munchies

So as we are heading into Christmas and the holidays, and I thought I would have a little fun with this Fridays post.  So I decided to take you through two games I have been having some fun with.  The first is a game called Bug Muncher.  Very simple game you have a frog and your job as the Frog to eat all kinds of things to try to fill your food counter, fun little waste of time!  Take a look here:


Download Bug Muncher here: Bug Muncher  

The next “game” is really not a game as much of a trivia challenge and it is called Flag Match.  The game really showed me how much I really do not know all the Flags of the world.  It is also timed, which I think is a bit evil.  You have 30 seconds to match the flags and it is tough.


  Download Flag Match Here: Flag Match  

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