Want to see what is coming in the Microsoft Cloud take a look at the Cloud Platform Roadmap

imageI get asked all the time “…when will Microsoft’s cloud platform get XYZ feature or variations of solutions”.  Generally my answer was:

“It is on the roadmap.”  

To which I always got a follow up question, “Can we see the roadmap?”.  Followed by some thumb twirling a brief but polite no.

In an effort to offer more visibility into our cloud efforts, I am excited to announce, you know can see the roadmap!  Take a look here:

Cloud Platform Roadmap

The Cloud Platform Roadmap will provide you a comprehensive and current view of our roadmap, including where we are focusing some of our development efforts and what technology is currently in development and coming within the next few months.   When you visit the site you will see 4 categories on how we look at cloud updates:

  • Recently Available
  • Public Preview
  • In Development
  • Cancelled

The categories are pretty straight forward, if you want to learn more about the types of updates you can read that here:

Increasing Visibility for Our Customers: Announcing the Cloud Platform Roadmap Site.

The Cloud Platform Roadmap will not be an exhaustive list of all our products and service releases, but a curated list that includes:

  1. Product and service releases that are business priorities the market needs to be aware of
  2. Product solutions to specific pain points that we are ready to address in the market.

Product and service releases included in the Cloud Platform Roadmap span:

  • Cloud services like Azure, Intune, Power BI, and Visual Studio Online,
  • Server offerings such as Windows Server, System Center, SQL Server and Visual Studio, and 
  • Converged system appliances such as Cloud Platform System, Analytics Platform System and StorSimple