What Kind of Cloud is Your Business Looking to Become?

imageWhen you were a child, chances are you looked up into the sky and  wondered what kind of cloud you were looking at or what cloud you want to be.   Back then knowing what type of a cloud you were looking at boiled down to a three main choices:

  • Cirrus
  • Stratus
  • Cumulus

Now you may not have really asked that question, but you may have had a pushy science teacher asking you the question.  You may even have been dozing when you were asked that question, and blurted out a name at the top of your head, which btw was not your favorite or the right answer.  Heck you did have a 1 in 3 chance of getting the answer right.

As an IT Professional today, you are being asked, or asking yourself, the same question today.  What kind of Cloud is right for the business?  This is not a question you want to guess at, or even get wrong.  It is a question you will have to take a look at your business, and the cloud choices to make the best decision for your organization. 

This question could be coming from many different sides, it might come from your boss, your developers, or even your colleagues from other business.  With all the choices we have today the possibilities in the coming in the future, you have several choices of clouds to consider:

imageNow combine the conversation with the fact you the choice to house your infrastructure, on-premises, all in the cloud, or a mix based on your business needs.  Chances are like most organizations you are looking at the mixed type of environment.  You have to start thinking about the cloud, and what type of cloud will most benefit your business today.  There are a lot of organizations asking this question today, and finding value in the cloud and so can you.

So: What Kind of Cloud is Your Business Looking to Become?

When you look at all the above choices from Microsoft, they provide a secure and flexible set of cloud-based IT solutions, including communications, collaboration, data storage, and infrastructure services.  By providing a safe, familiar environment where you can test, develop, and deploy, Microsoft cloud services lets you dramatically scale your applications; leverage skills like PHP, Java, and Eclipse; and more.  To help you find out, I have a Quiz for you to take:


This quiz will let you know what kind of cloud you are and more importantly allow to start to discover more about the choices the cloud has for you.  Find out how Microsoft® cloud services can help you focus on development, not infrastructure, and ultimately help you answer the question, what kind of cloud are you.