Weekly Links–New Year 2013 Edition!

Windows Phone

Best Apps For Your New Windows Phone Device – not at all comprehensive, but a decent starting point.

Reverse GeoCode for Windows Phone 8 – Give the Nokia Map control in Windows Phone 8 a lat/lon and get an address. Must attempt.

Create a Windows Phone Live Tile In the People Hub Style

Design and Usability

Sesame’s Best Practices Guide for Children’s App Development – A very cool guide to touch-screen tablet based app development aimed at kids under 5 or 6.

What software people can learn from great Lego design – pretty high level but very interesting look into design, customer feedback and usability.

Detect Kids Corner Programmatically in Windows Phone 8

Other Stuff

Teaching ROBOTC for Lego Mindstorms - A guide to Lego Mindstorms from Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Why I Quit Being So Accommodating – from 1922, an essay from a gentleman who resolved to no longer be known as “’General Attender to Things,’ or ‘Pinch Hitter,’ or ‘Fine Old Scout.’” Filed under “the more things change the more they stay the same”.