Applications Pages in SharePoint - Getting Started

It's been a while since I created an actual page in SharePoint that provided some actual functionality, i.e. not only content. As I've been working with workflows and information migration for the last six month I had trouble remembering the steps. I did not have any of my previous work available so I did what everyone does, I searched the Net.

I started searching for "custom page SharePoint" but only got misc hits related to web parts, error pages, lists, etc. No useful information anywhere!

For some reason (very unclear to me as I usually only use the Internet for reference) I started looking at the WSS SDK help file installed locally on my machine and there I quickly found all the information I needed in the section Visual How-Tos. Ted Pattison has written a very short but also very useful article called Creating an Application Page in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 which covered exactly what I needed to refresh my mind.

And I guess one conclusion was that I was supposed to have searched for "application page" and not "custom page"...

Anyway, here are some information that I used to refamiliarize myself with application pages.

Yes, there is a disproportional number of Ted Pattison links above. But if one author happens to provide enough information to get you going I have no problem with that...