Summary of BizTalk Server Documentation Updates

Below is a summary of documentation updates that has been published during the last three months.

I would just like to add a link to the page that contain the new code samples.


Core Documentation | Download

The BizTalk Server 2006 Help is updated every two weeks and posted in downloadable chm. format. Check out the following new and updated topics!

Improvements to the Orchestrations help, including the following new topics:

  • How to Use MessageBox Direct Bound Ports
  • How to Use Partner Orchestration Direct Bound Ports
  • How to Use Self-Correlating Direct Bound Ports
  • Working with Direct Bound Ports in Orchestrations
  • How to Debug Design Time Errors and Build Errors
  • Writing Information to the Event Log
  • Interactive Debugging of an Orchestration in HAT
  • Tracking Orchestrations with HAT
  • Working with the Orchestration Debugger
  • How to Use Expressions to Transform Messages
  • How to Create Role Links in Orchestrations

Improvements to the Business Rule Engine help, including the following new or updated topics:

  • Invoking Static Members of a Class
  • Support for Generic Types and Generic Methods
  • Accessing Nested Members of a Class
  • Support for Type Casting
  • Support for Class Inheritance in the Business Rule Engine
  • Support for Nullable Types
  • How to deploy policies (programmatically)
  • Performance Considerations When Using the Rule Engine

Improvements to the SAP adapter help, which was integrated into the BTS06 collection:

  • Added the "Architecture and Planning" section.
  • Reinforced .NET Connector version requirements in the installation topic.
  • Added "Enabling and Disabling SAP RFC and CPIC Trace" with additional details about CPIC trace (CPIC trace supports 4 different trace levels including none). Includes script per doc.
  • Added " How the Adapter Communicates Using RFCs and IDoc: SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET" section.
  • In the "How to Troubleshoot the Adapter" topic, added section for transaction lock error.
  • Modified the troubleshooting topic to mention SAP Monitoring area and SAP RFC testing.
  • Added troubleshooting information for "BizTalk service is not receiving IDOC's from the SAP system."

More troubleshooting information!

  • How to troubleshoot BTS administration, permissions, performance, adapters, dependencies, and configuration.
  • How to capture a memory dump of a BTS processes.
  • Which tools and utilities you should use for troubleshooting.


Updated Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guides |  Download

The installation instructions explain how to install BizTalk Server 2006 on Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows Server 2003 in a single server or multiserver environment.


The following is a list of whitepapers that have been published since RTM.


Other Content

In addition to the fixes introduced, we have also been busy over the past few months producing, updating, and publishing other valuable content. This includes:

Localization Updates for the BizTalk Server 2006 Documentation

The documentation has also been updated and is available in .chm format in the following languages: