Chicken + Egg Problem With Hyper-V

When we neglect to port an old and crusty feature, one will always wave a few hands and say it's better in the end for the customer.  But sometimes it becomes a sticking point.  Today I am trying to setup VMs using Hyper-V on Windows 2008 and by default Hyper-V does not allow mouse to work with VMs over remote desktop unless you install VM additions on guest OS.  Virtual PC did not have this requirement, the mouse would work but in a horribly wild and wacky way, skittering left and right across the screen until you installed VM additions.  In most cases this was not a problem for me except for today, I'm working from home and I just need to send ONE mouse click in order to log into the guest OS to install VM additions.  The old wild and crazy VPC mouse click would suffice here!




Arg.  I cannot log in because of one mouse click.   I will try rebooting.

Rebooted, managed to type in password behind SCM message box, and logged in.

Next my NIC does not work.  Ok, I cannot configure hyper-v over remote desktop and the NIC does not work by default.

Ok, fixed NIC, user error, I had to setup Legacy mode on the NIC, got this working.

Attempted to install hyper-v extensions, this failed with "An error has occurred:  The specified program requires a newer version of Windows."


Arg again.  I have to install Windows 2003 SP2 I suppose.  Trying this now.

What I need to do is create isos for Windows 2003 and Windows 2003 SP2, this would help speed things along.