Sharing IE Links With Live Mesh

In case you have not heard the buzz, we have this new thing called Live Mesh that is pretty awesome.  I found out about it whist trying to figure out how to share my Links (c:\users\...\Favorites\Links) folders across multiple machines.  I talked to one of my IE buds and he indicated Live Mesh might be the ticket.

With Live Mesh you can add each computer as a node in your mesh.  Then you can share folders from your computer into the mesh (and it shares these across all your computers).

To share my Links, I had to play some tricks with Live Mesh, but nothing too serious.

I setup Live Mesh on multiple computers, then on primary computer right clicked on C:\Users\MattN\Favorites\Links and shared it to the Mesh (note these computers are Vista, Live Mesh works on Vista and XP for now).  On XP this would be C:\Documents And Settings\MattN\Favorites\Links.  I shared my Links folder on one and only one machine (and also at this point consolidated all my actual links on the one primary machine).

Next on secondary machines what will happen is a new shortcut named Links will appear on your desktop once Live Mesh syncs up.

I then closed all IE instances on secondary machines, renamed existing Links to Links1.

Then go to link on desktop, right click and select Live Mesh Options... Change Sync Settings...

This will give you an option on where you want the link to reside, change it to C:\Users\Mattn\Favorites\Links, the folder will move automatically and now you have a shared Links folder, pretty cool!

Going to let this run for a few weeks and see how it works out.