Drug induced dreams

So Bill's updated his character sheet.  I'm not quite sure, does Knighthood count as an epic level paladin or a prestige class?  I was thinking about this last night while I sat playing a game at a friends house.  It's my once a week get-away from the family.  Not that I don't enjoy my wife and our son, but everyone needs to have at least one night off.  I encourage everyone new to parenthood to do the same.  It keeps me from burning out from too much stress.  Work can be stressful and so can kids. 

Speaking of stress, didn't NASA stress test the rover software? It seems a bit peculiar that the rover keeps breaking down due to a software glitch. I'm sure they did their due diligence. After all it is NASA. You probably have to sign over your mortgage as collatoral just to check out a source file.  Or maybe it was a contractor.  That's it, blame the contractor.  Maybe NASA needs something like VirtualPC, so they can more accurately simulate mars.  I was talking to my brother yesterday about the rover.  He thought NASA ought to just send backup rovers that they can redeploy from orbit.  Not just the new one that's arriving, a thousand extra micro rovers.  Of course, he probably was not considering the cost or feasibility.  He's a software developer too. 

Sometimes it's hard to keep us programmers focused on this one physical reality, when what we are trained to deal with is time and space.  It gets even worse when you are just designing and prototyping.  Then even those constraints don't much matter.  I've spent the last two years working on pseudo research projects and designing new systems on paper.  (Okay, not actually on paper.)  Now I'm back working on a soon to be shipping product, so I actually have meaningful bugs to fix.   That might keep me attuned to reality abit more, but it won't keep me from having crazy ideas.  I have them all the time, and I know where they come from, drug induced dreams.  What I really want to know is where media 'insiders' get their crazy ideas.  I mean you really have to take what they say with a grain of salt.  Maybe even a whole shaker.  It never becomes more evident than when you read about your own supposedly 'top-secret' project on one of the more popular sites.  I'm sure the whole team here is flattered that someone out there actually cares, and of course someone thought it important enough to break NDA and leak it, but when what gets reported is so off the mark you start to wonder if the only thing that got leaked was the codename, and the 'insider' just made up the rest out of their own drug induced dream.

But I digress.