Hurricane Charlie

To think, there was a time in the past when my home was actually a place of solitude, a veritable utopia of serenity.  I would travel home from work and find nothing but peace, pleasurable silence and often a warm welcome.  Then things changed, not too long ago in the past.  Was it just days ago or longer?  The Hurricane hit and home has never been the same again.  The structure survives, at least for now, but you would be advised on great caution if you attempt to enter.  There are items strewn everywhere, furniture out of place, paper debris scattered all about, on the floor, on the counter tops, plastered to the walls.

Charlie stormed into our lives and turned it all upside down.  I stand in awe sometimes, taking it all in.  If you saw me you might think I was in shock, but that passed a long time ago.  I usually cope with things like this with a bit of humor, so I've started to refer to the event as the Great Upheaval.  Still, its hard to comprehend the magnitude of the maelstroms destruction.  It takes time to appreciate it all.   Betsy tells me the snap out of it.  That's just the way children are.

Oh, you thought I was talking about the other Hurricane Charley?  No, this one only struck the west coast, in the general vicinity of my house.

But I digress