I want a new drug

I want something to buy. Some piece of technology.  I've got the money, but there is nothing out there.  Nothing that gives me a buzz, like it used to.

I'm not saying that I have every gadget, gizmo and thing-a-ma-bob that's available.  Quite the contrary.  My collection of tech toys is rather limited, for a guy like me.  I've got the PC, but I've had one for the last twenty years.  It's been upgraded, repurchased and recycled, but it's still just the PC.  It does what I do with it.

I've got a cell phone, but not a fancy one.  One that does the job.  Most of the time I don't know where it is.  I think I left it at work.  I don't use it much, there always seems to be a land line somewhere in reach.

I think the last gizmo that gave me a thrill was the TiVo.  It fit right into my lifestyle.  You see, I never got the hang of the VCR; too manual.  I'm a programmer.  I like to set up rules and leave the details of operation to someone or something else. 

I don't buy new things too often.  When I do, I do it because it really makes sense for me.  There are lots of new things to buy, especially for a employee that can get a lot of it at discount.  But I don't.  I have the money.  It's burning a whole in my wallet.  But I resist. 

I really want to like the media PC.  Heck I want one just to fiddle with it.  But it's not solving the right set of problems yet.  I've got a HDTV wired up to a bunch of AV components.  I hate AV components.  What the frig is the 70's era architecture doing my new millennium world?  I don't want wires, left-right audio.  I want it all digital.  I want it all wireless.  I want it all packaged together in fashionable little box.  I don't like sprawling cables.  When I look behind my TV I shudder.  It's a scene out of the movie Brazil.  I know how it all works, but I don't want to have to know. 

I've got eight remotes!  Heck, that's nothing.  I know others with twelve or more.  This has got to stop.  Sure there are universal remotes.  Five of the remotes I have are 'universal.'  Yet, there's always a crucial button or two that won't get replicated onto someone else's remote.  So I still need them all.

I want to solve the audio problem.  My wife wants the music to play throughout the house.  That would be great.  But I don't want to run the wires.  I found wireless speakers from a bunch of makers, but they are junk, no base and a lot of static. I've found from trial-and-error that I don't really want wireless speakers, I want wireless receivers.  What I want is the sound you get from good shelf system, in each room. But its hard to find such systems.  Either stores sell junk aimed at teenagers, or they sell component systems aimed at people who still think audio belongs in the 70's.  And heaven forbid if you can actually find a system that has both external audio-in and out in the same device.

I figured out a scheme where I can buy PC-network technology for streaming A/V over Ethernet.  I can connect up a wireless Ethernet card to each.  This ought to work, if I could find the good receivers to send the audio into.  But do I really want to have 3-4 transformers, sets of wires, etc running to componentized stereo's in every room.  It's starts making the back of my TV look neat and tidy.  AND its not cheap.

If only the right thing existed, I'd buy it today.  I need the buzz that comes when a really good piece of technology just fits right in to my life.  Not the gee-whiz buzz of getting some new toy that fades after a week.  I want a buzz so strong that I find myself preaching about how good it is a year later.

But I digress