Quality Fake Rolex Now

I'm sure you must have have at least 35 to 40 fake Rolex watches, each, by now.  No?  I'm drowning in them.  I just match up each real-mail offer for a new credit card with each e-mail offer for a fake watch.  I'm planning to give them out as holiday gifts this year. 

I used to think TV shopping channels were silly.  Do people really sit in front of their television watching those channels waiting for them to show something they are interested in buying?  Of course, its probably not hard to figure out what is going to be sold.  Something with cubic zirconium that slices and dices at fifteen separate speeds.  And then there are the 'discount' PC sold for amazingly low price, but are actually models/configurations that even the discount superstores discontinued the year before, all for 30 easy payments of $49.

I wonder if the same television viewers now sit in front of their PC's, waiting at the email 'in' hopper for news on really great deals, like Rolex watches. 

My guess is yes.