Seeking Wayward

I thought I'd let you all know about the project I've been working on for the last few months that has unfortunately kept me away from what I like to do best.  It's the eve of the MSN Search engine release and soon all the world will know what I've been up to.  Yes, the engine has been improved, and all that, but there are a few features you most certainly have not read about.  There will be extensions, add ons to the main product that will allow you to refine your search beyond anything you've seen before.  And yes, as you might have guessed by now, there will be a 'Wayward Search' feature. 

The Wayward Weblog is now part of the combined Microsoft Megabase of Knowledge (tm), and it is only searchable by MSN.  No other engine may feast upon its delicacies, bath in its brilliance or be lead astray by its vacuous headlines.

In addition, the Wayward Search Engine (tm) will offer a new, innovative way to find the information you're looking for.  Years of long lunches analysis have uncovered a method by which even a novice can succeed at expert level queries.  The interface is so simple, even an Orangutan could use it.  In fact, one did just yesterday during the beta.  Instead of text boxes requiring you to type and spell out actual words and such, or even point-and-click links used to refine your area of interest, the Wayward Search Engine (tm) operates off a different principle.

You see, most questions that you'll ever ask have already been asked before, by someone else.  In deed, any question of any merit has been asked before by someone more qualified to ask it than you.  So it should make you feel rather silly to be sitting at your machine tip-tapping into laughingly small input boxes.  In fact, you'd be better off not asking any of your own tedious questions, and be better served by educating yourself on the nature of questions asked by those who actually know what they are doing.  

So instead of allowing you to waste your time and ours, we at Wayward have spent a few lucid moments compiling an exhaustive list of the exact bits of information you ought to know.  No need to spend any time at all thinking of an intelligent question to ask.  We've already thought of it for you.  No need to type, point, click or scroll.  The answers are presented on the main page of the site, in small print just below the flashing ad for diet pills.

At Wayward, we know what's good for you!