Tempted by Halo

I'm tempted to blow off work for the rest of the week and spend the time playing Halo 2.  It's that compelling.  I don't know why I want to do it.  Is it just because everyone else is doing it?  I don't even own an XBox.  Now that's a startling revelation.  You'd think I'd have one by now.  After all I can get the games for dirt cheap.  I might be willing to buy a machine just to play Halo.  But then again, I'm not so much a game addict as I make myself out to be.  Certainly not so by the standards of most around here.  And it will be out on the PC soon enough.  Just wait.

Still, I guess what is most keeping me at bay at the moment is not my lack of interest in the game nor lack of console, but my parental danger-sense.  Last week my four-year-old son came to me and told me of this fun game he saw older boys playing at the store.  It was a fighting and shooting game, not something he has ever seen at home before.  He wanted me to show him how to play a fighting and shooting game. 

I told him no.