The Anti-Hoax

I saw this article on blog hoaxes; fake sites where writers pretend to be someone else, a celebrity or fictional character.  Many readers can't tell the difference, wanting to believe that blogger is as claimed.  It made me start thinking about this Wayward site and some of the posts I've had, some of the lures I've used and absolute fabrications I've pulled over on the public.  Of course, most of you know the difference, are well versed in my 'style' and can spot a wayward hoax a mile off.  Or at least you thought. 

You see, the ultimate hoax has been a long time in coming.  Over many months of outlandish posts, I've desensitized most of you, training you, molding your psyches such that you would be caught completely off guard when I finally revealed the truth.  I would reach a point where I could say whatever I wanted and no one would believe, because its just a hoax right?  None of it is real?  It's just a lot of wayward silliness?

That's when I'd let loose with the real truths, holding nothing back, purging myself of all the secrets and inner turmoil I've held deep inside for so many years; all those things forbidden and restricted.  It would become like the ultimate NDA, yet one where I could disclose whatever I pleased, and no one would believe a single word, just rants coming from a lunatic.  I might as well be spouting about space aliens and conspiracy theories!

It would be the ultimate freedom.  A freedom that I've hungered for and never actually achieved for myself.  Sure, I've known plenty that fit that bill, that could spout on endlessly about whatever drivel amused them.  And I have catered to them, daily, hoping to one day learn the secret so I too could master the discipline.  And now I believe I have.

You see, I'm not who you think I am.  I set up the site as a way to hone my skills, to practice the art of verbal deception.  Now that I've mastered it I can return to my previous endeavor, and apply my new talents back onto my regular audience, an audience of avid listeners and true believers.  Blogging may have come a long way, but radio is still the mass medium of choice.

See you on the airwaves.