The Great Big Lie

Now I'm not one to spread conspiracy theories, but I just can't get over the feeling that the people of the USA are being lied too.  And its not just by the administration this time, its by a wide body of industrialists, economists, politicians and even scientists working in concert to keep the truth from us.  It was not until recent developments in the European Union that I put two-and-two together to realize that we've had the wool pulled over our eyes for so long.  Of course, the reason is somewhat obvious.  It's all about the almighty dollar, isn't it?  And its all about the oil.  That's right, oil.  It's not hard to imagine that mountains of barrels of crude are at the center of another international scandal.

You see, I feel that I've done my civic duty over the years, reducing my consumption of limited resources, especially cutting back on overuse of fossil fuels.  I bought into the whole idea that conservation is good for the planet and that our leaders were diligently working on ways to solve the problem once and for all.  I thought we were making progress with all the new car designs, the gas-electric engines and what-not.  Heck, I even purchased a hybrid Honda model that purported to achieve 50+ miles per gallon, and while my actual experience has not been so rosy I had been rather pleased with the results until just yesterday when I learned the truth, that we were being lied to, that none the feeble attempts that I thought to be so brilliant where in fact making much difference at all.

The fact is, there is already technology that so dramatically outshines anything our industries have been able to achieve in the last few decades, it makes you wonder if our government had actually known about it all along and has been criminally negligent for not telling us about it, covering it up in some James Bond style master scheme to keep the public unaware, not allowing us to freely choose to switch to this incredible alternative, forcing us to maintain the status quo and keep the oil corporations fat with profit.

As proven just this last week, it is entirely possible and feasible to construct an engine that excels beyond anything we've known before.  It is so quantifiably superior as to achieve fuel efficiency at many orders of magnitude greater that anything that has even been allowed to hit the road. 

“It works out to something like 1.24 million miles per quarter gallon, which is quite an achievement,” Bonacina said.

You can find the full story here.  

Now I really feel justified in driving that SUV.

But I digress.  ;-)