Error when moving a file using Manage Content and Structure if you are not an Hierarchy Manager

I have this little issue here where Authors/Approvers cannot move files (web content pages, PDF, DOC, etc.) successfully in their SharePoint Publishing web site.  They are using Manage Content and Structure and the contextual "Move" option and correctly select the destination.  However, while the operation starts and the "Long Running Operation" web page refreshes a few time, it will end up failing with a generic error saying "Failed to move file '...'.  Please try again".


I realized that one of their users, who has the same permissions plus Hierarchy Manager, was able to move files correctly.  So I tested the issue on my personal VM and was able to quickly reproduce the issue.


I don't know if it has been flagged as a bug yet but I'll check it out.  Our settings are pretty standard, with the exception that we have a French variation (but an English installation and site collection).


*Update*: You also have to be an Approver in the group while the move operation doesn't require being a Member. So basically, the requirement to move files through Manage Content & Structure are :

  • Hierarchy Manager
  • Approvers