Lync Server 2010 lab deployment guide (Part 4)

So now with all services started we are ready in this final part to create and enable our first Lync users but let me show you first the Lync Control Panel.

1. From the start menu open the ‘Lync Server Control Panel’


2. You will be prompted for the admin credentials as shown below,


3. Add the URL to the trusted zone and don’t forget to remove any proxy settings from your IE or bypass the admin URL


And here is the first look to the Lync CP; honestly I like the new UI!


So let’s enable our users…

1. From the Lync CP we will select Users and then click on ‘Enable Users’


2. Click Add


3. Select the users that you want to enable


4. Select the Lync pool and Under ‘Generate user’s SIP URI’ choose Use the user principal name (UPN), leave the rest on the default settings and then click on Enable.


And here are the enabled users,


Now we are ready to install our Lync client… The installation is very straight forward and there is nothing to be confused in, as you see below, it is just one page with InstallSmile


And after the installation here is the Lync client


And finally user1 is signed in to the lab


So as you see the Lync deployment is different than OCS however the way it’s designed and integrated with tools such as the planning tool and the topology builder is giving the product a strong, scalable and flexible Enterprise UC application…