Installing the Customer Care Accelerator ( CCA ) for CRM 2011

One of the things that Iv needed to do for a while is write up a detailed step by step of how to get CCA built and working for folks outside MS,  as fate would have it, one thing after another kept coming up and I finally got around to starting to work on it this week.  Considering it had been months since I first decided to do this, I thought to check around on the net to see if someone else had done it already…  No sense in repeating work Smile

I foundthis post by Gareth Tucker that covers the kinks in the initial setup process for CCA. 
Thanks Gareth for getting this posted!

Running the CCA RI tool on Non English Systems.

There is one additional point when installing CCA to Non English System.   The RI tool has a hard coded process that is looking for the role name “CSR Manager”, as you might imagine,  that name does not exist on a non-English CRM system.

So to fix that,   You will find that hardcoded value in the RIConfigLoader project, in the ConfigureCcaHostedApps.cs file..


Open that file up and press Ctrl-G on your keyboard,  and goto line number 388


here you will find the offending code…

    1: try
    2: {
    3:     // Assigning the Role with a name [CSR Manager] to the team with specific Guid.
    4:     RIScenarioCreator.AssignRoleToTeam(orgService, EscalationTeamId, "CSR Manager");
    5: }
    6: catch (ApplicationException ex)
    7: {
    8:     throw (new ApplicationException(Properties.Resources.ErrorCreatingEscalitionTeam, ex));
    9: }

As you can see the “CSR Manager” string..   Change this to the CSR Manager role name in your system’s language and you should be good to go.

Compile and Run it.

Running the CCA RI Tool more then once on the same system.

So, if you are here, looking at the error above,  you have probably run into the error:




There was an error while creating Escalation Team.

Unable to assign the Specified Role


Simply put, the RI tool doesn't like to be run more the once on the same system.. this is due to the the fact its not compensating for a partial install.

Fixing it is pretty simple,  You need to remove the Escalation Team from CRM,


Delete that and the RI should run again.