Runas Radio

I was interviewed on ‘RunAs Radio’ which was posted on May 24th, 2017 with a 30-minute discussion about the current state of Exchange 2016 on premises.

RunAs Radio is a weekly Internet Audio Talk Show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products.

RunAs Radio was launched on April 11, 2007 with a node from its sister show, .NET Rocks!, which started as a weekly downloadable mp3 in August 2002. Coincidentally, the first RunAs Radio show featured Patrick Hynds, who was also the first guest on .NET Rocks!

Richard Campbell, the third co-host of .NET Rocks!, hosts RunAs Radio along with Greg Hughes. Each show promises to be about 30 minutes long and focused on a single topic. A full range of audio formats and feed options are offered.

What's the latest on Exchange 2016? Richard chats with Microsoft PFE Mike O'Neill about some of the things he's seen lately in Exchange world. Mike talks about the hybrid world of mail these days, with on-premises Exchange servers working alongside of Office 365 Exchange Online. The conversation also digs into the affect that feature testing in the cloud has had on the on-premises edition of Exchange - the quality of updates is better and you can have confidence in doing updates during the day with zero downtime - with caveats of course! This may be the last version of Exchange on-premises, but the features will keep coming!

Thank you for listening and I hoped you gained some good information from the pod cast.