SharePoint Online Management Shell

The SharePoint Online Management Shell has a new Windows PowerShell module that lets O365 administrators manage their SharePoint Online subscription using PowerShell. The focus is around site collection management.

With O365 and PowerShell becoming more and more popular, the SharePoint team has added this installable Module to allow SharePoint administrators access to their online tenant information. This blog post was written to help bring this to light and allow the .exe file to be easily loaded onto client machines using the O365_Installs_Connections.ps1 file from the MS script center, with a blog post on directions for how to use the O365_Installs_Connections.ps1 file.

Once all of the O365 modules you need are installed onto your client machine, you can then leverage the O365_Logon Module download and how to use the O365_Logon Module to more easily log onto any of the online services.