Benefits of Hiring a Microsoft Certified Professional

A November 2006 IDC study * (PDF file, 154 KB) found that team performance increases when each new team member becomes certified. Every time.

Executive summary of the study above is that you get to work with smart folks. For the employer, it's better to get all IT team Microsoft certified as it improves the level of performance across the team and provides consistent IT delivery and performance. Afraid that your employee will leave after you get them certified? The answer is really simple. Hire them, and then certify them right away. Don't wait 2-3 years to get them certified. They're probably already disgruntled by then that you didn't get them their Microsoft certifications and want to leave to a better job. As an employer, you get up front benefits from a very satisfied employee who will provide you with a higher level of performance. Most employees switch jobs every few years. Most switching maybe every 2-4 depending on their age and career desires. By spending the training dollars up front to get them certified, employers get the benefits of Microsoft certification right away.

For more information on the value of certification, check out the Microsoft Learning site on Benefits of Hiring a Microsoft Certified Professional.

George, MCSE