CertMag’s 2006 Salary Survey

Are your friends and coworkers still telling you that certifications don't count, and you won't get paid anymore if you have a certification? Well, it does. I got my certification, and it helped me to get promoted and get more money when I was in IT. But just don’t take me at my word, or anyone here at Microsoft. Instead, here’s someone with a Redhat certification who's saying it does help you get a higher salary. Quoted from CertMag's 2006 salary survey:

Brian Epstein, Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), said certification can be the key to a higher salary. “I would definitely say that certification helps in terms of salary the same way that a degree does,” he said. “I’ve worked with many very intelligent, gifted individuals who have nothing more than a high school diploma, but you hit that ceiling where a high school diploma only gets you so far in a salary range, whereas if you have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, it kind of opens up the salary range. The same thing with the certification — I know many people who are very well-versed in Red Hat, and they could go out and get their RHCE, and they don’t, and I feel that that hampers their ability to move forward in their careers.”


Georgeo Pulikkathara, MCSE