MCP LinkedIn Community Proposal - Tell us what you think

Here's Erwin's idea:


We're looking to take existing groups and consolidate them under "official" MCP LinkedIn groups that can be validated for the folks in the groups are actually MCPs. You'll have a group for each specific credential, such as MCP, MCSE, MCPD, MCITP, and so forth. In order to join the groups, you'll come in through the MCP Secure Site, get your credentials validated. and then you get directed to the correct group(s) based on your credentials.


In Erwin's own words, "How does it benefit you? Well, by joining a group, you will be able to network and connect with others with your certification. In addition, you will be able to display your certification logo on your LinkedIn profile for everyone to see. This is one of the only ways you can get a logo or visual ID on your LinkedIn profile and it’s treated as a badge of honor on the website.

We’re going to work and build a way to ensure that only those who are allowed to join the groups have valid certifications to protect your hard work and investment. Thus for the time being, these groups will be created and operated by us in Microsoft Learning. We may enlist the community to help us with these groups in the near future. But we thought we should be running this at the beginning to make sure everyone knows this is an authentic, official effort."

So, let us know what you think on either my blog, Trika's blog or feel free to email Erwin at with your feedback.



George, MCP Guy