Microsoft is Providing Certification Training for Veterans on Medical Hold at the Walter Reed Medical Center

I was helping our Microsoft Learning Operations team yesterday track down an issue with one of our customers trying to get tuition reimbursement from the Veteran's Administration (VA) for some of their new MCP exams (70-630 and 70-631) that came out awhile back. Turns out that Microsoft will need to coordinate with the State Approving Agency (SAA) in Washington State to get our new MCP exams approved.

While I was checking around with my team mates in Microsoft Learning, I got a chance to talk to Jim LeValley, who was pretty knowledgeable on the above subject.  I found out that Jim has been working to get Microsoft Certification training to our disabled veterans on medical hold (MEDHOLD) at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC. Jim has been successful in getting a computer training lab, a Microsoft Certified Trainer with advanced degrees/certifications, along with all the materials required to help our wounded veterans earn Microsoft certifications and get started on a career in the Information Technology Industry, once they are discharged from military service.  Jim is not a prior service veteran, but his father was. Jim grew up on US military bases all around the world. Jim is hoping to get this technical certification training not only to our disabled veterans but to also open this up to our veterans’spouses as well to help them get good jobs and earn a good income.

I was very impressed to hear about this very generous effort by Microsoft Learning and by Jim LeValley yesterday, so I just wanted to say……Thank you, Jim LeValley.


George, MCSE

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