My First Blog Post on my Second Microsoft Blog

Some of you guys may remember me from when I managed the MSDN Webcasts Program. It was a great job that I really loved, but it's time for me to stretch my wings a bit and get some more interesting challenges under my marketing belt. Towards that goal, I've taken a job as the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Community Marketing Manager in Microsoft Learning. I'm very excited about this, as I have an MCSE in NT4/Windows 2000, and I'd like to work to get my MCSE updated for Windows Server 2008.

For those of you who are looking for information on Windows 2008 certification exams, be sure to follow up on Trika's blog, I'm hoping to share with you guys some of the great benefits that we're going to launch for those customers who hold Microsoft Certifications or have passed any Microsoft certification exams.

Some of you may have read my earlier post on William (Bill) Wall. He's the guy that founded the Novell Certified Engineer program back in the day. Well he's here now at Microsoft Learning, and he's going to be a key player in redesigning Microsoft Certifications to improve its value to the IT Professional and developer who currently holds Microsoft Certifications and are looking to get new certifications. Stay tuned. Exciting days are ahead in the days of the Microsoft Certified Professional.


Georgeo X. Pulikkathara, MCSE

MCP Community Marketing Manager