Intel Barebones Media Center PC

This is pretty cool if you're looking to build your own Media Center PC.  Intel have started producing barebones systems in a case that wouldn't look out of place with other A/V equipment.  All you need to add is a CPU (an Intel P4 of course), hard drive and RAM.

The motherboard is based on the Intel 915P chipset with integrated 8-channel Intel HD audio with coax and optical out.  There's a dual NTSC tuner in the system as well, although it's not clear which brand it is.  Also pre-installed is a PCI-E x16 ATI X300LE graphics card - I'd have preferred something more powerfully, but it will be fine for SD content.  There's a combo DVD/CD-RW drive, a dual layer DVD+/-RW would have been a nice upgrade.  There's a built in Ethernet port as well as wireless (no 'a' just 'b' and 'g'), a flash card reader, front panel display and a it comes with a remote control for Media Center.

It looks like you could build a reasonable Media Center with it, but there's room for improvement.  It also seems a little on the expensive side to me.

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