ANNOUNCEMENT: Live Mesh Tech Preview expansion to Ireland (in English)

Live Mesh is a very cool new technology that Microsoft is developing and during the Tech Preview we want you guys to experience it (as users and by developing to the platform) and share your thoughts.

What’s Live Mesh?

Live Mesh, enables you to synchronize and access information and files across your different PCs and it also lets you remotely control your PC through your web browser if you’re away from it.

Future releases will be adding support for more devices including Windows Mobile phones and Macs amongst others.

Live Mesh takes the best elements of the desktop and integrating them with the Internet to create a really valuable solution to keeping and sharing information and files.

Live Mesh: More Slots Available, No Wait List

At Web 2.0 in April we announced Live Mesh and opened it up for people to try out our platform experience -- the first evidence of what scenarios our platform is capable of enabling.

We said we’d tell you more about Live Mesh and give you access to the platform in the future, allowing you to build your own experiences on top of Live Mesh. En route to opening up the developer platform we’ve been systematically updating and expanding the tech preview to help us scale out the underlying technology (see behind the mesh). We’ve enjoyed watching our service handling the load, and we want more!

Today we are again increasing the number of available slots in the Live Mesh Technology Preview, and expanding the list of countries that will allow sign-up without a wait list to include Canada, India and Ireland! (although you still need to run with an English locale for now.)This is in addition to the availability we’ve previously announced for USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand (see coverage map).

The experience you see today is just tip of the iceberg! To see what the Live Mesh platform is capable of, check out the Channel 9 videos, try out the user experience. We’re eager for you help to keep pushing our scale, and your feedback!

We do still have a maximum limit on the number of users we’ll allow into the Technology Preview, but as long as we’re below the limit, anyone in the countries above can sign-up today with no delays or wait list.


MCS Ireland infrastructure team