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Microsoft IT usually deals with all Microsoft products and Technologies before they get the street. Because we are early adopters we also have the opportunity to develop good administration practices and we like to share those practices with our customers and partners.

That's the main goal of Microsoft ITShowcase program.

ITShowcase has just published a new document that shows how Microsoft handles AD schema changes.

Microsoft IT Showcase is pleased to announce the publication of Structured Active Directory Schema Management at Microsoft, which discusses Microsoft IT's Active Directory schema change management process. 

Structured Active Directory Schema Management at Microsoft
Details Microsoft IT's Active Directory schema change management process. Schema changes are frequent at Microsoft, and require a structured workflow to ensure a consistent, smooth, and successful implementation. The change process that Microsoft IT institutionalized establishes clear standards, expectations, and timelines. The change process mitigates risks and helps to optimize results. The structured workflow normalizes schema changes. It provides clear responsibilities to all involved parties, eliminates schema change issues early in the process, and enables timely, optimized results.
Technical White Paper | IT Pro Webcast

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By the way I'll post a new blog about the Limits of AD this time referencing the Maximum Kerberos Token Size.


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