MCS Ireland Present at TechEd IT Forum 2007 - Barcelona

This year at TechEd 2007 in Barcelona, a consultant from MCS Ireland will be delivering the following session:

Title : Core IO Best Practices: HSBC Steps to a managed infrastructure

Level 300

In this session we will review the capabilities gained per stage of the Core IO model, by examining the real-life case of HSBC Mexico, a 1,400 branch, 6 million customer world class IT operation. To achieve this goal, we will review the model’s dependencies, benefits and side effects which were experienced in the customer environment. HSBC Mexico was kind enough to share details with us of the benefits they measured at each stage. We will examine the people and process changes involved and how they had to encourage their operations and organization to grow organically and mature in order to better manage their infrastructure. We will also review the detailed architecture which provides a clear idea of how to follow their example.

This particular consultant was involved in the team that delivered the benefits to HSBC. If you are thinking of going to this FANTASTIC event (which by the way I recommend fully) please make sure you attend this session.

This event will be sold out very soon with over 5,000 IT professionals joining us from all over Europe. There is a search tool that will show you the different sessions that will be available throughout the event.

If you want to see the online brochure (really cool and Silverlight enabled!) click HERE!

Hope to see you there!