SMS Reporting Point 10,000 Row Limit

Have you ever received this message when trying to run a report that will have tons of information?

Response object error 'ASP 0251 : 80004005'

Response Buffer Limit Exceeded

/smsreporting_mat/Report.asp, line 0

Execution of the ASP page caused the Response Buffer to exceed its configured limit.

The solution can be found at

however that can be a bit difficult because of the steps that are needed in order to accomplish this workaround. Below you will find a step by step guide on how to extend this limit.

1.-Change “aspbufferinglimit” value in metabase.xml

To change the value inside metabase.xml you can follow two paths, the first, to stop IIS services, this can be done by two means as well. The first by the following command line NET STOP IISADMIN /Y which will give the following output (

The following services are dependent on the IIS Admin Service service.
Stopping the IIS Admin Service service will also stop these services.

FTP Publishing Service
Microsoft NNTP Service
Microsoft SMTP Service
World Wide Web Publishing Service

The services stopped by the IIS admin service will depend on the ones you have running on your server.

You can also stop the service from the Computer Management Console.

In order to edit the metabase.xml file without stopping IIS services you can enable an option to allow the direct edit on the metabase file from IIS Manager. After opening IIS manager open the properties window of the server in question.

Enable the “Enable Direct Metabase Edit” and click OK

Once enabled or having stopped IIS admin. Service you have to edit the metabase.xml file. This file can be found under:

  • “C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv”

Open the document and find the line where you can see “AspBufferingLimit="4194304"”, this is the default value (4MB). You have to change the value depending on the needs of your queries, you should take into account a 1 MB value per 1000 records that you have to show. You can increase this as much as needed but remember that a very big value can make your server hang.

Once the value has been changed you have to save the file and start the IIS admin. Service if it was stopped, if it wasn’t you are done.

To restart the services manually take a look at the following KB article.

2.-Add value to the registry.

Before making any changes to the registry you should always back it up

To open the registry editor use “regedit” from the run command

Once regedit is open go to the following key:


Place your mouse over the window on the right and right, choose new -> DWORD value

Name the new value “Rowcount” as shown in the following screen..

Double click the new value and the following screen will appear.

The value under “Value Data” is the limit of records that will be shown, it is recommended to put “ffffffff” so it is unlimited.

3.- Add value to the registry.

Here you have to repeat exactly what was done in the previous step, the only change is that the instead of “Rowcount” the value will now be “Values Rowcount”