SharePoint Conference Las Vegas Day 2

Today there were breakout sessions from the start, and there will be no more keynotes for the rest of the week either. Thats actually fine, leaving time for the breath of topics covered by the various breakouts.

One impression I got from almost all the sessions is that the speakers are bursting with pride over the message they deliver up on stage, so it is obvious that the set of features has evolved from 2007 to 2010 in a manner the product group wanted.

Sessions for day two for my part was:

  • SharePoint 2010 Search-Capabilities deep dive: Search in SharePoint has really taken a giant step forward with the 2010 release, both topology-wise and in the feature set. In addition to an enhanced user experience with built-in refiners there is now a Componetized architecture allowing for multiple indexers, partitioned indexes which is great news for all. Inheritable Web parts is another wanted feature for many.
  • Scaling SharePoint 2010 Topologies for your organization: An ok overview of the scalability and upgrade possibilities in the next release
  • Claims based identity in SharePoint 2010: The new security architecture seems more than promising with claims in the next release with regards to security over distributed topologies and integration with other products.
  • Deep dive into SharePoint 2010 MySites and Social Networking Architecture: Here the presenter gave us a good insight into the different social aspects, including Tagging of internal and external content, Activity feeds, People Search with incredible name matching and much more.
  • Records Management Strategies in SharePoint 2010: This is an area where there perhaps has been the most impressive increase in functionality with Content Type synch between sitecollections and farms, Multistage disposition, In-place declaration of records, increased eDiscovery and folder based retention to mention a few.

Also the big attendee party on the Mandalay Bay Beach was the main event in the evening. There are 7400+ attendees, and the party was the biggest one the Mandalay Bay had organized!
The theme was a 80's party with Huey Lewis and the News, games from the 80's and a lot of other entertainment as well.