Moving SSAS Database to a new drive on same server

Problem description: After you moved SSAS databases to a new drive on the same server, you are not able to administrate  Analysis Service. SSAS databases is up and running. When you add a database or user, it appears that users are added successfully, but when going back out of the dialog nothing happened.

Work done: To move you database to a new drive, you followed the step below.
   Step 1: With Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connect to Analysis Server, then right Click on the server and click on Properties.
   Step 2: Edit the path of you data directory. And replace the old path by the new one.
   Step 3: Stop the SQL Server Analysis Services Service.
   Step 4: Move the Data to the new directory location.
   Step 5: Start the SQL Server Analysis Services Service.
   Step 6: verify that you can browser all database.

Cause: Inside the SSAS log, you can see an  issue relating to something not allowing SSAS to update or access this file

     Message: Service started. (Source: ?D:Logmsmdsrv.log, Type: 1, Category: 289, Event ID: 0x41210000)
     Message: The file '\?E:OLAPDatamaster.vmp' could not be deleted.
     Please check the file for permissions. (Source: ?D:Logmsmdsrv.log, Type: 3, Category: 289, Event ID: 0xC121001F)

I run Process Monitor and after SSAS restart I saw an access denied on various file and also on master.vmp.

For insformation:   The master.vmp file is the master version map that contains the GUIDS for all of the objects and the version of each object that currently exists on the server. When the server starts, it looks at the master.vmp file and need to update it ( More information with my colleague Karan)


Resolution: You can solve this issue you can give the right "Modify" to SSAS service account to this new data folder.

Others points:

1. A database can be moved in many ways (SSMS Attach/Detach, AMO, XMLA). You could find some various way in the bol (Move an Analysis Services Database)
2. You can only move the file regarding Data, Backup, Log or Temp. However it's not supported to move manually the BIN and Config directory. You must reinstall your instance.


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