ApenTech's aspenONE Process Engineer solution is virtualization ready!

TechEd EMEA was great this year! There were so many partners on the expo floor but one ISV that wasn't there but whom I did have a chance to talk to is Aspen Technology. I was lucky enough to talk to Al Cassista, Microsoft Alliance Director for AspenTech. AspenTech is one of the first ISV’s to issue their own declarative support statement for running their applications on App-V.

SeanDô – Hi Al, thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to me today. I’m keen to hear more aboutt AspenTech and your engineering suite.

AC - aspenONE™ Process Engineering, which is "Virtualization Ready", is an integrated lifecycle solution that helps companies optimize process designs and operations, leading to safer, competitive and more reliable process plants. It supports the entire engineering lifecycle – from conceptual design through to plant startup and operations support – providing a significant competitive advantage and sustained economic value. By using consistent models based on consistent data throughout the lifecycle, reliable insights are gained into plant behavior, enabling safer and smarter decisions with the greatest economic value. Companies are able to reduce capital and operating costs, increase engineering efficiency and quality, and accelerate time-to-market with payback in months instead of years.

SeanDô - So, as an application that runs on the desktop, how does aspenONE provide a business value in conjunction with App-V?

AC - Using Microsoft Application Virtualization, AspenTech customers can accelerate the deployment of aspenONE updates as well as enable customers to run multiple versions of our software simultaneously. Virtualization also transforms aspenONE into a centrally managed virtualized service, resulting in dynamic delivery of software that is never installed on the client device, never conflicts, and minimizes tedious application compatibility testing.

SeanDô – Sounds like a great story, running aspenONE on App-V. When can our customers get access to this “Virtualization Ready” product?

AC - aspenONE V7 is shipping now. For more information, contact Al Cassista, Microsoft Alliance Director, +1 781-221-5268, al.cassista@aspentech.com

Thanks for the information Al. I am thrilled to see an ISV such as AspenTech adopt this new technology and see such great success so quickly. I think you will start to see many more ISV’s following suit.


That wraps up our Partner series. I hope you've learned alot about the great solutions that are integrated with App-V, we're excited to partner with them to bring great technology to our joint customers!