New Version of Asset Inventory Service (AIS) Released

If you have been following the MDOP blog for a while now, you have noticed that we have had a few beta releases of the Asset Inventory Service.  Over these beta releases we got a lot of feedback on the product which has helped get us to today, where we are happy to announce that the 2.0 version has been released to the web.

For those of you not familiar with AIS, it provides a comprehensive view of your enterprise's desktop software and hardware environment. AIS helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve license compliance through advanced software inventory scanning and by translating inventory data into actionable information.

Some of the key changes in AIS 2.0:

·         Improved user interface built on Silverlight and localized into 11 languages

·         Title normalization and version aggregation in software reporting

·         Virtual machine and App-V package support in software and hardware reports

·         Improved Microsoft licensing reports

·         Better hardware reporting and the ability to view the hardware properties of a computer

If you are already using AIS, I recommend that you login at and download the updated agent.  You will need to deploy this agent to the computers you want to manage in order for them to report their inventory.

If you are not yet familiar with AIS, you can learn more about it on the MDOP Springboard TechCenter and the AIS online help page.