Windows Vista's BitLocker and MDOP solutions kick off the New Year!

We understand IT is critical to your business. We hear you, our customers - both end user and IT Pro alike - you want your systems, applications and data to be available when you need it, where you need it. I suspect you've heard many Microsoft resources demonstrating and discussing the value of combining Windows Vista and MDOP together, here is an opportunity to see it for yourself without a Microsoftie pitching to you :-) 


With all the technologies available in the market it can be overwhelming to determine which one to use to solve your business challenge. Here is an example of how Windows Vista’s BitLocker and MDOP’s App-V can help you be more productive while on the road and when disaster strikes. Now you can take your profile settings, applications and data wherever you go.


We're serious about providing world class solutions to our customers but we also have a sense of humor and like to have a little fun along the way. Are you a Ralph or a Ruby? Enjoy! 

Adventures in Windows Vista video.

This is a fun, yet instructive video, showcasing with a great sense of humor the value of Windows Vista Enterprise and MDOP from an enterprise end user perspective. Click here to watch the video.